Please find your individual parts (at the bottom of the list, as 00) then do your ensemble study later, with what has been done on each individual piece of music. First, enroll in the 00 course that matches your voice part, and follow the directions to finish each step in learning and practicing your music. Each piece will have a separate course number. This will make your study time as brief and efficient as possible. The number following “0” at the beginning of each title is the concert order of the piece. The (reh) number is the number of rehearsals we have had on the piece, for which the recordings are posted in the course curriculum so you can see what has been done in the titles.

Again, the 00 Parts tracks, located at the bottom, are where you should begin.

The parts for the June-December 2019 sessions are not yet available. An announcement will be made when posted.

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