We now use PlayPosit for management of adult learning content. ALL VAS MEMBERS ARE REQUIRED TO PUT IN 1.5 hours of online study every three weeks, intended to be done in increments of a half hour every week BEFORE Monday choir. Please find the note-playing for the relevant phase (1-4). Answer the questions in each track to get credit for your time.


Basses (1-2)


Phase 1 Sopranos:

Phase 1 Altos:

Phase 1 Tenors:

Phase 1 Basses:

Phase 2 Sopranos:   

Phase 2 Altos:

Phase 2 Tenors:

Phase 2 Basses:

Phase 3 Sopranos:

Phase 3 Altos:

Phase 3 Tenors:

Phase 3 Basses:

Rehearsal Recordings:

002 Horatius 2 rehearsal:

003 Schubert 2 rehearsal:

001 Banchieri 1 rehearsal:

014 Sourwood 1 rehearsal:

015 Blacksheep 1 rehearsal:

017 Brahms 1 rehearsal:

019 Antognini 1 rehearsal:

002 Horatius 2 rehearsal:

003 Schubert 2 rehearsal:


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