First, enroll in one of the following: 00 SOPRANO PARTS, 00 ALTO PARTS, 00 TENOR PARTS or 00 BASS PARTS  at the BOTTOM of the course list. AFTER completing these THEN you can listen to full choir rehearsals and get some study benefits. 

Do not treat this like a radio station and just listen to whatever comes first and hope it soaks in. Unless you are making up an absence, and even then…study your individual part first. Doing it in order will make your study time as efficient and rewarding as possible, and is the best way to avoid memorizing your own mistakes. The number following “00” at the beginning of each title is the concert order of the piece. The (reh) number is the number of rehearsals we have had on the piece, and if there is no (reh) number, it means the course is presently empty. 

Again, the 00 Parts tracks, located at the bottom, are where you should begin.

We are aware the sound quality on the first couple of rehearsals is bad, but we believe the problem has been corrected for future posts.

0016 and 0018 are at the bottom too, because they are repeats from last session.

The MuseScore parts for the June-December 2019 sessions are not yet available, but everything that has been done thus far has been posted.

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