Come Sing!

Good news! There are no auditions. 

The Vocal Arts Society recognizes that all singing is intensely personal because our voices come from within us. This applies equally to vocal professionals as well as “glorious amateurs” who may have been away from singing for a great while and wish to get back into it.
So, instead of auditions, sometime early in the session we schedule a very light-hearted, free 1/2 hour voice lesson, with no judgment, sight-singing or other skills testing or performance of prepared pieces. We simply wish to know what vocal materials you bring to the table so we can apply them appropriately, encourage you in your talents, and help you achieve whatever vocal goals we set together. The 1/2 hour session is primarily simple, repetitive vocalises for amateurs. For aspiring professional singers we do a full hour, and add to vocalises work on solo-vocal repertoire and include career strategic and practical advice for full-tilt application in the classical singing arena.
This Vocal Arts model serves a singer well in the transition from “student” to “professional”, and when ready, can aid in the making of significant career strides.

This Society maintains a balance of experienced and less-experienced singers, so please dismiss any trepidation and feel free to email us with any and all questions.


We rehearse at a very convenient church at Sendlinger Tor, but we are not a religious organization. The concert season runs from September to May, with rehearsals into July, and new singers are admitted in September, January, and May, but you may contact us absolutely anytime to make your arrangements. Vocal Arts Ensembles rehearse Monday evenings at 7:00.

Contact the director at, or for more information about the lesson in lieu of auditions, visit

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