About VAS

The Vocal Arts Society of Munich is a nonprofit educational organization with a diverse membership of professional soloists, choristers, organists, pianists, and avocational artists in development, vocal and conducting students, and “glorious amateurs.” Its board of directors is elected from among its membership and carries on the business of the organization. The singers are from all ages and voice classifications. While many music professionals make up its core, the group is welcoming to singers of all levels of ability.

In lieu of auditions, potential members are invited to come to a free voice lesson, get some fun, no-pressure, basic instruction, receive an assessment of voice classification and set some personal goals. The first lesson is always with Robert Gardner, General Director, but one can speak with another member to find out what this free lesson is like. No one is ever turned away.

No matter your level of ability, VAS has a place for you!


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