The vocal arts are the most popular way to participate in the high arts and culture scene for members of any society. And we believe the arts have the possibility of changing the political landscape of the world for the better. As political instability grows and war drums beat ever louder across the globe, it is helpful to the warmongers if reasonable people stay silent. So we raise our voices!  Under themes usually promoting equal rights, cultural diversity and peace, the Vocal Arts Society offers amateurs, voice students, choral scholars, and organ scholars the opportunity to study and practice healthy vocalism and musical expression, and in so doing, raise their voices, and re-discover themselves while contributing to greater society in a crucial way.

The Vocal Arts Society is an international community that boasts an average of more than 75% amateur singers of all ages while maintaining a professional sound and effort. It is remarkable that in the high art of choral ensemble singing, an amateur can participate and operate at the highest level of musical achievement. No other instrument offers this possibility.

Of course, those at the professional level are also welcomed and nurtured and all singers are offered a comprehensive program including private lessons and online courses, masterclasses, coachings, seminars, choral rehearsals and performance opportunities. Scholarships are awarded for free or dramatically reduced lesson fees to singers who show promise and commit to participation in Vocal Arts ensembles.

Outwardly, we are a chorus with an uncommon level of singing talent serving the Munich community. Inwardly, we are a group of singers all running our own races toward our vocal goals and the vocal ensemble experience is only one of many benefits in our organization.

In its choral concerts Vocal Arts presents a wide variety of accompanied and a capella musical styles, avant garde and traditional, including sacred repertoire in an all-encompassing secular and welcoming community environment. We are not a religious organization. But we know that music, in its raw, honest and all-inclusive form can be a light in the midst of darkness and brings healing in the midst of pain. We know this because we feel the healing while rehearsing and performing. Our programming usually mixes the old, established classics with selections lending some modern flare, usually ending in a somewhat explosive and exciting finale. 

Come visit if you would like to feel invigorated and inspired, enlightened, or healed!

All are welcome who love to sing or hear good vocal and choral music. Please use the menu above to learn about this community and make a difference!


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